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Updated: Jun 3, 2023

security window film Vancouver

There is a break-in every 90 seconds in Canada in all different situations and areas. Everyone is vulnerable to these break-ins, so we should all take as many security precautions as possible.

Windows tend to have a large potential for issues and entry into your building or home. But that can easily be remedied with simple reinforcement measures.

Keep reading to find out all about options for security window film in Vancouver.

Boost Window Security

There are several reasons why someone would choose to get a film installed on their windows. But one of the most important reasons is to add security to the space.

We all know that glass is highly fragile and that when it breaks it can cause major injuries to anyone close. But a window film can prevent those injuries from happening by holding the pieces together until it can be replaced.

This also why security film can be a huge deterrent from intruders.

While it's true they could still break the glass and eventually get through the film, it will slow them down and smashing the window can attract attention of neighbors. Most intruders like to get in and out as quickly and as quietly as possible.

Windows break for a variety of reasons but whether it's a foul ball from the neighborhood baseball game or a potential robbery, you want your home as safe as possible.

Variety of Options

Security window film also comes in a variety thickness and some tinted options as well for a more customized experience.

Some homeowners choose to add a more reflective film to their windows which add visible protection. This type of surface makes it more difficult to see into the space from the outside than a fully clear film would.

Other security films have more temperature controlling functions, which can help to reduce monthly energy bill. All films give 99% uv protection and with the added heat rejection this can help to protect furniture and flooring from fading.

Find Security Window Film in Vancouver

Everyone wants to be as safe as possible. But the world is full of unknowns and surprises. There's enough to worry about, we shouldn't have to add broken windows to our stress lists.

Finding security window film in Vancouver is so simple through Newco Solar Solutions. They have the expertise to help you secure your windows from beginning to end.

If you're ready to get started making your home a safer place, contact us today for product and pricing information!


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