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Window Film

Window Tinting in Vancouver & the lower Mainland

Filter Extra Sunlight with Window Film in Vancouver

If you love sunlight, you live your life so you can enjoy it as much as possible. You put your favourite reading chair by your home's bay window. You buy a car with a sunroof, and you leave it open during your commute. You even ask your boss to put your desk near a window. However, there are some drawbacks to letting in an abundance of natural sunlight. But with window film in Vancouver from Newco Solar Solutions, you’ll enjoy the benefits of natural sunlight. If you’ve noticed your reading chair looks lighter, or your skin has a penchant for burning, window film may be right for you. Window film can also be beneficial at work, like if outdated blinds are causing an annoying glare on your computer screen. Whatever the case may be, Newco can provide you with products and films to let in just the right amount of sunlight. This innovative window treatment from Solar Gard® offers the convenience you crave.

Why Solar Gard® Window Film?

Solar Gard

Solar Gard® is an industry leader in window film technology. Their product line offers a variety of film options to suit all needs; from decorative privacy film, security and solar control films that help filter out damaging UV rays without blocking all sunlight. You can also rely on Solar Gard® window film to:

  Reduce heat gain so that A/C units can run more efficiently resulting in lower energy bills

  Protect fabrics and furnishings from fading

  Protect from solar heat in the summer and also keep interior heat inside during the winter

Solar Gard® window films work on almost any window. Check out their benefits for various windows:

  Residential window tint controls temperature in the home, helps to preserve furniture and flooring while allowing you to keep the view.

  Commercial window films create privacy, look professional, and can offer graffiti protection.

  Automotive window tint reduces glare while you drive and protects you from harmful UV rays.

  Security window film provides an invisible deterrent barrier to help protect your most valuable possessions from threats such as burglary and vandalism while shielding those you care for from harm's way in the event of glass breakage.

Why Newco Solar Solutions?

When you come to Newco Solar Solutions for window tinting in Port Coquitlam, you choose quality. We're Western Canada's distributor of Solar Gard® window film, and we install it throughout the Lower Mainland as well, and can service customers throughout British Columbia. Ask us about our warranties before you purchase as well.

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