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Skylight Coverings

Reliable Skylight Coverings
In Vancouver & Surrounding Areas

 Do you love your skylights, but hate the heat gain? We've got you covered with, customized solutions for your skylights.

Newco Solar Solutions offers effective skylights solar control solutions to achieve optimum HVAC usage in summer by reducing solar heat gain and retaining heat inside on cloudy winter days.

Our skylight sunblockers and fixed frames are an economical solution for reducing the heat, glare and UV rays that come through your skylights. The tension shades we offer are perfect as skylight coverings in Vancouver for skylight and angled windows. They prevent heat loss in winter, and solar heat and UV rays enter through your skylight.

Newco has been providing customized skylight solar solutions since 1975 for interior and exterior installation. Contact us for effective solar control solutions.

Read our frequently asked questions about skylights.

At Newco, we manufacture skylight coverings in Vancouver and surrounding areas with heavy-duty fibreglass solar screens that can reduce up to 95% of UV heat and glare. Our sunblockers are proven long-lasting investments in reducing energy costs and with their fantastic look. The benefits of skylight coverings are listed below:


► Protection to your indoor items: Sunlight coming directly inside can fade the flooring and furnishing if left for exposure for long hours or can be damaged. Skylight coverings can prevent such loss by blocking excess sunlight and UV rays.


► Savings on energy bills: Skylight coverings are an excellent way to conserve energy by preventing solar heat from entering inside and reducing the energy consumption on air conditioning resulting in lower energy bills.

Adding value to your property: Skylight coverings are considered an investment by adding value to your home besides providing a modern and natural feel to your décor, perfectly preserving the views and letting the right amount of natural light inside.


Newco offers a vast range of solar solutions, including skylight coverings in Vancouver and surrounding areas. Visit us in our office or call us for a free on-site consultation.

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Why Do You Need Skylights Coverings?

Free On-Site Consultation For Your Skylights

Rely on your experience to deliver the best installation of customized skylight coverings in Vancouver.

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