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Window Tinting & More
in Vancouver & Surrounding Areas

All of us wish to live in homes with plenty of natural light. Natural light provides warmth, allows you to use less electricity to light your home, and provides a certain ambiance. However, there are downsides to allowing an abundance of natural light in your home. But, with services like window tinting from Newco Solar Solutions, you can have the best of both worlds. With our products, you’ll be able to control the amount of light that enters your home effectively and efficiently.


Newco Solar Solutions has the infrastructure and technical know-how to take up and deliver projects of every scale. We have a team comprising well-trained and fully insured professionals with long experience handling simple and complex installations. So, you can rest assured that your project is in reliable and skilled hands.


Some signs you might need window treatments or tint include:

► Discolouration of flooring and furnishings which are exposed to sunlight

► Outdated or damaged blinds or other window treatments

► Need to reduce glare

► Need for daytime privacy

► Rise in energy bills due to air conditioning usage

Are you ready to see what new window treatments or window tinting can do for your home or business in Vancouver and its surrounding areas? If so, contact Newco Solar Solutions today and get started on your project!

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Benefits of Solar Control Window Treatments

Are you in the market for window treatments, but you’re not quite sold on the advantages? Here at Newco Solar Solutions, we have window tinting products perfect for every situation Vancouver and the lower mainland can throw at you. Solar control window treatments can enhance windows anywhere, from offices to homes and cars. Here are just a few of the advantages you receive from our products:



Have you noticed your floors and furnishings have begun to fade? When these features of your home are in direct sunlight for hours on end, they can become damaged. With window treatments, you’ll be able to add protection to your home.

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Lower Energy Bills

Window treatments are a great way to increase the energy efficiency of your home. Film and shades that reduce heat can reduce the load on your AC unit, which will save energy & money.  

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Window tinting is a practical addition that can add resale value to your home. It is an easy investment to make in your home in Vancouver and the lower mainland.



Adding window treatments to your home or business is an easy way to add a modern, natural feel to your décor. They are also perfect for preserving views and letting the right amount of natural light into an area.

Whether your windows need privacy screens, roller shades, or skylight covers, we have the solution.

Benefits of Window Tinting for Your Homes


Home window tinting is one area that is often neglected by most people while they are constructing or renovating their homes. Keep reading to know more about its benefits for your homes:

► Better safety: Adding security film to your windows can keep your glass in place if the window is broken, as well as slow down intruders.

► Higher value: A home with tinted glasses looks stylish and can increase the value of your home.

► Reduced energy bills: Air conditioning or heating needs are less in homes with tinted windows. Hence, energy bills are also lower.

► Low maintenance: Tinted windows are scratch-resistant and can be cleaned easily with mild detergent and a soft cloth.

► Reduce UV rays: Filmed windows can give you 99% UV protection.

If you want protection from the harmful UV rays of the sun in your Vancouver residence, call us today for high-quality window tinting and treatment.

Why You Should Install Window Tinting at Your Workplace

Window Tinting can help reduce heat and glare and provide daytime privacy for your commercial workspace.


► Better energy efficiency: Tinted windows help reduce the load on your air conditioning.

► Protection from harmful UV rays: UV rays of the sun cause office furniture, flooring, and products to fade. Window film gives 99% UV protection.

► Less glare and more comfort: Our reflective films can help reduce glare and heat.

► More Security: Installing security film on your commercial space windows can reduce or deter possible intruders.

► Higher aesthetic appeal: Window films are available in the market in different densities and shades of colours. Also available are frosted films in different patterns or custom prints for privacy or decoration.


► Increased privacy: If you are looking for “daytime” privacy, our reflective films can provide this along with heat and glare reduction.

If you want to install window tinting in your office space in the Vancouver area, head to Newco Solar Solutions. We will be happy to help you!

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Quality First

At Newco Solar Solutions, we only supply and install top-quality window films, which is why we use our North American partner - Solar Gard.

Solar Gard is a division of Saint- Gobain and its manufacturing plant is located in San Diego.

Free Consultation

Contact us today for your free on-site consultation.

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Why Choose Us

You always come first at Newco Solar Solutions. In the window tinting business since 1975, we offer the best-in-class products, reliable warranties, courteous service, and affordable prices. From our showroom in Port Coquitlam, we serve the entire Vancouver and Lower Mainland area. We welcome you to visit us during business hours, but we're also happy to visit you and provide a home or office consultation.

To learn more about solar solutions for your windows, browse our product pages using the menus above, or call us at 604-941-3111 to request an estimate.

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Benefits of Window Tinting for Your Homes

Need Residential Window Tinting?

Newco Solar Solutions offers affordable and durable window tinting for your Vancouver homes.

Commercial Window Tinting

Enhance privacy, security, heat & glare reduction for your commercial space in the Vancouver area with premium-quality window tinting.

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