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Window Shades

customized Window Coverings

Are you bored looking at the same shades covering your windows all the time? Revamp the look of your home with quality window coverings in Vancouver from Newco Solar Solutions. The shades on your windows and doors can change the outlook of an entire room. For example, changing your vertical blinds to wooden blinds may help make the room look more warm and welcoming. Contact us for any assistance you may need when you are thinking of installing new window coverings.

We also offer window interior shades and exterior shades. Visit our website to learn more.

Aesthetics and Comfort

Out of the many benefits of having coverings over your windows, keeping the sun out of the room is one of the most important ones. Having blinds on your windows can help in reducing sun damage to the furniture, flooring, and other valuable assets. This can save you a lot of money. Not just that, shutting the blinds can make the room cooler by helping you block out the heat. Additionally, window curtains can add to the aesthetics of the room or house. Contrasting your window coverings with the colour of your walls and furniture in the room can give it a tasteful look. Make your home look more attractive with our range of window coverings in Vancouver.

Custom Coverings

If you have a unique idea about how you want your coverings to be, you can discuss it with us and we can make it happen. By buying the ready-made, easily available blinds, you may end up matching your curtains with your neighbours instead of your walls. At Newco Solar Solutions, we look at the exact colour, size, type and other specifications to get you the window coverings you need, in Surrey. Talk to us about your specifications and we will make it just the way you want it.

Types of Coverings

There are different varieties of window coverings available with us. No matter what kind of blinds you require, we can get it for you. Types of coverings available with us:

1. Solar roller blinds

2. Room dark blinds

3. Custom skylight blinds

4. Venetian blinds

5. Vertical blinds

6. Faux wood blinds

7. Pleated blinds

Why Should You Get Window Coverings?

While they seem to beautify the home, window coverings can benefit you in so many ways.

Comfort: Blinds on your windows keep you comfortable in all seasons. They effectively keep out the heat in summers and the cold in winters.

Privacy: Blinds give you complete privacy from the outdoors. You can keep your home safe from the peering eyes of strangers.

Reduces dust: Blinds on your window act as screens and help reduce the amount of dust entering your home.

Beautification: With unlimited options in colours, designs and materials, you can make your home look gorgeous.

Protection from sun: Some blinds, like solar and black out blinds keep the sun away for good. Black out can also double as blinds for projection rooms.

Added value: Blinds and coverings can potentially increase the value of your property.

Depending on your needs, you can choose quality window coverings in Surrey.

Our Promise

As a team committed to eco-friendly practices and products, we strive to reduce our environmental impact and allow our clients to do the same. Our manufacturing methods continue to evolve to ensure every client feels satisfied with our products and assured of our commitment to quality.

Browse through our window treatment options to find the right shades for your home.

Get in Touch

We offer customized services to install window coverings in your Surrey homes. Our team ensures that our customers are satisfied with the delivered work. Whether it’s your home or one room, we will provide the perfect window coverings. Give us a call today.

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