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Updated: Jun 3, 2023

Selecting the right window treatments and window film for your Vancouver, BC home is important for increasing the functionality of your windows. In fact, one of the main reasons that homeowners choose to get new window treatments, though there may be an initial cost, is to save money.

Newco Solar Solutions, a supplier of window treatments in Vancouver, BC, is often contacted by homeowners who want their windows to look great and to put some money back in their wallets. The main way that window treatments can save you money is by decreasing the costs of heating and cooling your home. Up to 50% of the heating or cooling energy inside of a home can be lost through its windows. By selecting the right treatments, you can keep that energy inside where you need it. Nearly all window treatments and window film available in Vancouver can help prevent energy loss. Blinds, draperies, shades, and shutters can all be closed during the winter to keep heat from escaping, and during the summer to keep the sun from heating up your home. Color can help as well when it comes to window treatments. Choosing darker colored treatments for exterior installs will absorb the heat before coming in, while opting for lighter colored treatments on the interior will reflect heat. Pairing window film with blinds or shades is a great way to maximize energy efficiency. Additionally, you can even find window treatments in Vancouver, BC designed specifically with energy efficiency in mind. Another important way that the right window treatments and window film can save you money is by helping to keep the sun's UV rays from damaging your flooring and furniture. UV rays can eventually cause wood and fabrics to fade, leading to the need for replacement. For example, your wood floor may one day fade to the point that, when you roll up an area rug, you find a darker imprint underneath. There are many different types of window treatments that can either directly block sunlight or filter out UV rays. These can help you save money by extending the life of your furniture and floors. Finally, window treatments for your Vancouver, BC home can further help keep your belongings safe from the peeping eyes of potential burglars. If a thief can't see that breaking into your house would be worth it, they will be less likely to take the chance. If you're not a fan of always keeping your shutters and draperies shut, you can also opt for sheer window treatments which allow light through while still obscuring anyone's view inside and giving daytime privacy. Newco Solar Solutions is proud to help our clients save money by offering quality, effective window treatments and window film for the Vancouver area. Our wide variety of window solutions can help improve your home's energy efficiency and UV protection, and decrease its appeal to burglars. To ask us more about our window treatment products and how they can benefit you, simply contact Newco Solar Solutions by phone or email today.


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