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Updated: Jun 3, 2023

Windows nowadays cover a larger area of the house than before. They add value to the look of the house, both internally and externally. But, flooding the house with light is not always a good idea. You should be able to choose when the light gets to come in. Curtains are good for partial privacy and for decorative purposes but they don't offer effective light control. What is the alternative? The answer is blackout blinds. Newco Solar Solutions has been providing top quality solar control solutions since 1975. We know how important light control is for a home. Read our blog to learn how to buy the right shades and blinds for your home.

The benefits of blackout blinds are: • Provides Complete Darkness Those of us who have to work during the night and sleep during the day, know how hard it is to have a good stretch of sleep when there is light. Even at night, light from street lights and cars driving by can disrupt your sleep. Blackout blinds can completely shut out external light and help you sleep better. • Helps Regulate Temperature In the summers, sunlight coming through the windows warms the inside of the house. This makes the air conditioner work harder to maintain the optimum temperature. Blackout blinds can help save money on the energy bills by significantly reducing heat dissipation. • Has Noise Reducing Properties In urban areas, there is a lot of noise pollution, which can be very distracting. Blackout blinds are made of heavy fabrics that absorb sound, thus making external noise a little more tolerable. This is very beneficial to households with small children. • Adds Privacy Even silhouettes betray privacy, so curtains are not entirely reliable. Blackout blinds are therefore ideal for bedrooms and bathrooms as they can thoroughly conceal the view from outside. • Protects Interiors Sunlight contains UV light, which is not only harmful to our skin but also acts destructively on home furnishings. It can cause wallpapers, vinyl floors and textiles to fade and also damage wooden furniture. Blackout blinds will protect your interiors from any sunlight-related damage. • Enhances television/movie viewing experience Glare reduces the quality of viewing experience when you are watching something on your TV or laptop. Blackout blinds don’t just reduce glare, they can completely eliminate it. They can create the darkness necessary to produce sharp and clear video quality when you use a projector. Count on Newco Solar solutions for any information related to blackout blinds or other light control solutions for your home. We offer window shades, window films and skylight coveringsfor commercial and residential projects. Contact us today to choose the right blackout bli


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