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Updated: Jun 3, 2023

Security window film adds protection to your regular window glass. It is made of tough high tensile polyester film with ultrastrong mounty adhesives. Thicker window films are much stronger and are generally used in high-risk environments. Newco Solar Solutions provides quality security window films and solar control solutions (such as window shades, window films and window coverings) for your home and business. We have been serving clients in Lower Mainland since 1975.

Here are top benefits of installing security window films for your residential or commercial spaces: 1. Safety Security window film ensures your window glass is protected from natural calamities such as hailstorms or earthquakes. Security films keep the glass shards in place and absorb shocks during such events. This helps minimize any risk of injury. 2. Solar and UV Radiation Tinted armorcoat security window film reduces the amount of heat passing through your window. Security films provide 99 % UV rejection. In a commercial setting, excess sunlight might lessen the productivity of employees. Tinted security films help maintain optimal temperature and prevent heat-buildup. 3. Privacy Reflective window films ensure privacy. Security films such as Armorcoat are available in clear and tinted options. 4. Theft and Burglary Window glass with security films are difficult to break into. Pairing your security film with a glass break detector further increases your security. 5. Energy Saving You can lower energy consumption with window films. Window films can block up to 79% of the sun’s heat, reducing the time you use your air conditioning for. Other Benefits of Security Window Films • Your interior furnishings are protected from premature fading • It may be less expensive to install security window films compared to replacing glass • Security window films help protect your house from vandalism • Holds broken glass together Factors to Consider While Using Safety and Security Window Films • Opt for security window films that are around 7 mil to 14 mil thick to ensure better protection • Avoid using abrasive cleaning solutions to clean windows after installing security films Contact us today for quality solar controls solutions in Lower Mainland.


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