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Updated: Jun 3, 2023

Window film in Vancouver British Columbia

If you're looking for window treatments in Vancouver, BC for a commercial office space, then you're likely to find yourself trying to decide between blinds and window film. While blinds can certainly provide privacy and reduce solar heat gain, window film offers the better solution. Commercial window film in Vancouver from Newco Solar Solutions can help save more money on heating and cooling, make your office more comfortable, private, and secure, and even help to attract potential customers.

Savings and Comfort Window film is fantastic at reducing glare and at rejecting heat from the sun. It can help you create a much more comfortable office space for yourself, your employees, and your customers. It can also reduce carpet and furniture fading. Additionally, because it keeps the interior of your office more temperate, window film can help you save on cooling costs in the summer and heating costs in the winter. Solar Gard sun control film from Newco Solutions can help you start enjoying a more comfortable and cost effective office right away. Privacy, Security, and Safety Solar Gard Armorcoat is the perfect window film in Vancouver for your office space if you're seeking ways to enhance privacy and security without completely shutting out all sunlight. The thin pieces of translucent film allow natural sunlight to filter through, but still protect against prying eyes. Security window film can also help protect against break-ins and against the dangers of broken glass because it helps to hold the glass in place after an impact. Likewise, it can also help to protect against damage caused by earthquakes and storms. Protection Against Graffiti Newco Solar Solutions also carries an anti-graffiti window film known as Graffitigard that can help protect your Vancouver office from graffiti caused by spray paint, permanent markers, and acid etching. Graffitigard is essentially a transparent window film which can quickly and easily be peeled off and replaced, saving you the time and money it can take to clean up graffiti or replace expensive glass. If vandalism is an issue in your area, then investing in Graffitigard is the clear choice. A Decorative Touch Finally, decorative window film is a great way to enjoy all of the benefits of window film while adding a decorative touch to your office space. Choose from among a variety of colours or, if it would better suit your office style, opt for a frosted window film instead. Newco Solar Solutions can even provide you with graphic window films, which you can design with your company logo for some extra advertising. Quality Office Window Film in Vancouver The right window treatments in Vancouver, BC can greatly enhance the comfort and appearance of any office. While blinds are fantastic for use in the home, window film is a better option for Vancouver businesses that want to save money on heating and cooling, to attract customers, and to keep customers. If you want to find out more about window film in Vancouver and how it can benefit your business, just get in touch with Newco Solar Solutions today.


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