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Privacy For Your Windows

Over 16% of Canadians have had their homes broken into at least once.

When you have lots of windows and glass doors, it can be difficult to keep prying eyes out. Whether you're dealing with a nosy neighbour or you're just not comfortable with people looking into your home as they walk by, a lack of privacy can make you feel vulnerable.

Today, we're going to tell you how to use window films for privacy. Reflective and frosted films for windows have long been a solution for commercial buildings, but it can work just as well for homes. There's plenty to know before deciding which film to choose for your windows, so keep reading and let us help you feel safer in your home.

The Need for Security Film for Windows

Securing our homes and protecting our loved ones is a top priority for homeowners. While traditional security measures like alarms and cameras can provide some peace of mind, many homeowners are now turning to security film windows that will help to protect against smash-and-grab intruders and our reflective security film will also provide daytime privacy.

Most brazen criminals don't have any regard for your property and may try to smash your windows to gain entry. With our security film, however, the film will help hold the window together.

This will slow or deter criminals from gaining entry and prevent shards of glass from landing on your flooring and furnishings protecting your home and your family. Our reflective security film gives daytime privacy preventing people from looking into your home.

Choosing the Right Type of Film

We offer several different window films depending on the type of security and aesthetic that you're looking for.

When your main goal is to prevent people from looking into your home, reflective window film or frosted window film might be the way to go. In addition to added security, reflective film has a number of benefits for your health and property.

For instance, our solar window film blocks out 99% of UV rays and up to 79% of solar energy. Protecting your skin from UV and reducing fading furnishings and flooring.

If you aren't keen on reflective film, we also have decorative and frosted window films that can give your home a designer touch. All you need to do is tell us your vision for your interior design, and we'll show you the film patterns that we offer.

Get Your Window Films for Privacy Today

Safeguard your loved ones and valuables by exploring the world of window film today!

At Newco Solar Solutions, we've been helping residents of the Lower Mainland stay safe, secure and protected with their security needs since 1975. For professional installation and guidance, contact Newco - experts in the field since 1975 and we'll help you choose the perfect window film to make your home more private and secure.


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