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Updated: Jun 3, 2023

Window coverings in Vancouver British Columbia

Window coverings are easy to overlook when cleaning up around the house, but taking the time to clean them can really brighten up a room. Blinds and shades are typically quick and easy to clean with tools that you likely already have. At Newco Solar Solutions, we provide window coverings in Surrey and Vancouver, and we know a thing or two about keeping them clean. Here are our top tips:

Regular Cleaning for Blinds and Shades The easiest way to keep your blinds and shades clear of dust and debris is to give them a quick vacuuming from time to time. Just take a few extra minutes to clean your blinds whenever you are vacuuming your floors. Using a brush attachment, vacuum from side to side so that you don't miss any spots or knock any dust to the floor. You'll want to close adjustable slats in order to pick up as much dust as possible. Roller shades should be lowered completely so that the full length can be cleaned. Spot Cleaning for Blinds and Shades Over time, your Vancouver home's window coverings will accumulate finger marks or other marks and stains that you won't be able to vacuum away. For some quick spot cleaning, simply use a damp sponge that has been dipped in a mild dishwasher soap and water solution. With a bit of elbow grease, any fingerprints or marks on your blinds or shades should wash away. Deep Cleaning for Blinds Blinds that are made of a material which can withstand excess moisture, such as metal, plastic, or vinyl, can be quickly and thoroughly cleaned in a bathtub. Just fill the tub with soapy water and use a rag or sponge to wash the blinds. Once you're done, you can drain the bathtub, rinse the blinds off, and hang them up to dry. Note that wood and faux wood blinds should not be immersed in water or they can become damaged. A damp microfiber cloth, however, should be able to remove any stubborn dirt or staining. Deep Cleaning for Shades If you use shades as window coverings in your Surrey area home, then you'll want to take a different approach for a thorough cleaning. The best method is to remove your shades from the window entirely and lay them on a flat surface. Just as for spot cleaning, you can use a clean sponge and a mild soap solution to wash the entirety of the shade. Rinse with another sponge that has only been dipped in water and allow the shade to dry before reinstalling it. Increase Home Comfort with New Window Coverings in Vancouver and Surrey If your old blinds and shades are looking a little worse for wear despite a good cleaning, then it might be time to invest in some new, quality window coverings for your Vancouver or Surrey home. Newco Solar Solutions has you covered with roller shades and blinds for any room. Choose from an array of options to complement your home design. For more information on our selection of window coverings in Surrey and Vancouver, just contact Newco Solar Solutions today.


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