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Updated: Jun 3, 2023

roller blinds

Selecting the right roller blinds or shades for your home can be a difficult task owing to the various options available these days. With the right style of window treatments, you can make your room look beautiful. For quality solar control solutions, visit Newco Solar Solutions. We have been providing quality solar control solutions such as window films, window shades and skylight coverings since 1975.

Here are a few tips that could be helpful while buying roller shades and blinds for your windows. 1. Decide the colour based on the room Each room of your home has a different purpose and you have to choose the window treatment accordingly. If you are buying window treatments for your kitchen, opt for shades that allow light inside. If you are decorating your bedroom, darker shades offer better privacy. When it comes to the living room, it’s better to opt for something colourful and bold. 2. Understanding your options Roller blinds and shades generally offer four features: light control, privacy, energy efficiency and style. While most people would like to have all four features, sometimes you have to decide which aspects you value the most. Also, consider the room you are decorating before taking a decision. Ensure you review all available options so you can pick the best option. 3. Take your family members’ choice into consideration It is better to consider the style preferences of your family members before picking an option. Cordless shades are a wise choice if you have young children in the house. 4. Determine the correct dimensions Determining the dimensions of your windows is important so you do not purchase shades and blinds of the wrong size. 5. Direction of the windows Windows facing south and west receive more light and heat. Use cellular solar shades to keep the room cool by controlling the light coming in and diminishing heat gain. Let Newco Solar Solutions Help Our technicians can revamp your home with quality roller shades and blinds. If you have any ideas on designing your room, discuss it with us and we can make it happen together. Call us to learn more about our window treatment services.


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