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Updated: Jun 3, 2023

Window tinting in Vancouver British Columbia

Improving the function and curb appeal of your property is always a smart investment. One of the best and most simple ways you can enhance your residential space is through tinted windows. This advanced technology can provide savings on a regular basis and increased property value when it comes time to sell your home. Whether you are in the process of listing your home for sale or simply want to improve your living space, consider the advantages of window tinting in Vancouver.

3 Ways Window Tinting Increases Property Value Keep these three advantages of applying window tint in mind when you are seeking ways to increase the value of your home in Vancouver:

  1. Energy Efficiency: Window tinting professionals will be able to apply a customized tint to different sides of your house to account for sun exposure and your heating and cooling preferences throughout the year. Save on your energy bills and establish your property as a more eco-friendly and environmentally conscious residence.

  2. Health: Health and wellness are big selling points across industries. Properties that are located near green space or have space for physical activity are more valuable and attractive to buyers. Window tinting limits sun damage that can be caused through windows. Accelerated aging and skin problems that lead to greater health risks can be caused by consistent exposure to UV rays. Window tint limits the exposure and ensures your family or future homeowners are shielded from the negative effects of the sun – without dramatically reducing natural light or sightlines.

  3. Damage: The contents of your home can become faded, degraded, and damaged through daily sunlight and harsh UV rays. Even if your space feels cool, the effects of these rays can cause long-term and irreversible damage. For prospective buyers with an extensive art collection or antique furniture, the risk associated with large windows can be dramatic and very costly. Window tinting allows the damaging rays and bleaching effects of over-exposure to be minimized through targeted technology and window films that filter ultraviolet and physical light.

If you are interested in enhancing the value of your property and living more economically, comfortably, and safely, try window tinting in Vancouver. This service can be completed quickly and affordably by the experienced team at Newco Solar Solutions. With 42 years of experience and a wide variety of window treatments allows us to recommend the ideal window tint for your property location and characteristics.

Contact Newco Solar Solutions to increase your property value in Vancouver today. Call us at 604-941-3111 for more information about window tinting.


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