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Auto Tint

Automotive Window Film Keeps You And Your
Car From Harmful Uv & Keeps You Cool

Newco Solar Solutions offers Solar Gard® automotive window film in several variations and price points, from the economical Smoke Plus series to the Ultra Performance series, which is manufactured using advanced technology to protect car, skin and eyes. Choose from:

Ultra Performance
HP Quantum
HP Supreme
HP Charcoal
NR Supreme
HP Smoke Plus
NR Galaxie
NR Smoke Plus
Ultragard UV

Save Energy; Reduce Eye Strain

Want to reduce your usage of automotive air conditioning, reducing your carbon footprint and saving money on gas? Solar Gard window films intercepts up to 61% of solar energy! In addition, Solar Gard window films reduce glare from sunshine in the daytime and oncoming headlights at night. Reduce eye strain!

Protects Interior

Ever seen an older vehicle with faded leather, vinyl or fabric interior material? Keep your car interior’s vibrancy with Solar Gard, which acts like sunscreen on these surfaces. Solar Gard intercepts up to 99% of all UV rays, protecting your investment.

UV Protection for Your Skin

There’s no doubt about it; time in the car can damage your skin. Studies have shown, in fact, that those who spend lots of time driving have a higher incidence of skin cancer on the left side. Protect your skin from UVA and UVB rays with Solar Gard window shields. Don’t take chances!

Look Cool; Be Cool

Solar Gard films are offered in several colours and tints for the exterior of your car or truck. Want more privacy and cooler temperatures? Choose a darker shade. But it’s important that you ask about local tinting regulations before you order; they can vary from province to province.

Clearshield® Paint Protection Film

What’s the point of having a beautiful car if your method of paint protection detracts from its appearance? There’s no longer any need for unsightly paint protection methods like bras or bug shields. Through Solar Gard, Newco Solar Solutions can offer you Clearshield paint protection film.

Clearshield is a nearly invisible urethane film that is guaranteed not to peel or yellow. It will never damage your vehicle’s surface and will protect it from road salt, bugs, gravel and other things that can mar your paint.

You can wash and wax your car as usual with Clearshield without damaging it, and Solar Gard offers a 5-year warranty on it. Take a look at our Clearshield Pattern Catalogue.

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