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Exterior Shades

Go Outside More With Outdoor Shades in Vancouver & SURROUNDING AREAS

At Newco Solar Solutions, we understand clients who want to spend as much time as possible in the great outdoors of beautiful Metro Vancouver. This is why we offer a wide variety of outdoor shades for Vancouver and surrounding area homes that can cover windows, verandas, backyard greenhouses and more. You can enjoy spectacular views and fresh air in comfort and style even on balconies and verandas that face sunsets and sunrises. Have the summer patio dinner or balcony reading lounge you’ve always dreamed of. In a rainy metro area like ours, we at Newco Solar Solutions know how precious outdoor time can be.

Ready to discuss your future exterior shades? Get in touch with us! Or, read on to learn more about the many benefits of setting up outdoor shades at your Vancouver home.

Benefits of Exterior Shades

Shades provide a bounty of benefits for both homes and businesses. Whether it’s comfort, aesthetics, or financial savings you’re after, a new shade installation will definitely add an extra something to your space. Some benefits of installing outdoor shades in the Vancouver and surrounding areas include:

  Reduced glare and added comfort when outside on your veranda, patio or balcony

  Less fading on you upholstery, such as sofas and armchairs

  Less heat gain: this decreases your energy consumption, in turn letting you save on energy costs

  An added piece of aesthetic uniqueness to your home: stand out from everyone else on the block!

Want to learn more? Contact us today for our professional take on finding a solar solution for your home. We can happily visit your home and give you a free consultation on-site.

More Applications of Exterior Shades

You may still be wondering why you should spend good money on outdoor shades for your Vancouver and surrounding areas home. There are many situations where having the extra protection of exterior shades can be useful. For example, many of us like to take advantage of the short Vancouver summer and eat our meals outside, al fresco-style. However, some of us are turned off by the idea of blown-away napkins and buzzing insects. Exterior shades, while not walls, can protect you against a windy but sunny day and can also shield you from pesky flying insects, such as wasps. The shades can also, of course, protect your outdoor furniture from fading, so feel free to grab that bold red porch dining set you’ve always wanted. Plus, you and your dining guests will have some protection from UV radiation, which makes everyone happy!

Once you install exterior shades, the ways you can use your outdoor space quickly multiply. From being a safe, covered place for your dog or cat, to a protected playing area for your children, there are many ways to be creative in your use of the outdoor shaded space. For example, you can set up an office space outside if you like being productive outdoors but don’t want to be chasing flying paper all the time. Or, build a cozy space with a screen and comfy outdoor furniture – perhaps add a fire pit – and snuggle up for a family movie night!

Excited for the next step in installing your new outdoor shades in Vancouver? Get in touch with us now!

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