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It may sound like an exaggeration that window film saves lives, but with Solar Gard Armorcoat®, it really can! If you’re looking for a security window film solution in Vancouver and the surrounding areas that both satisfies your sunlight requirements and keeps your household safe, ask our team at Newco Solar Solutions about Armorcoat®.  You will find that our security window films are a perfect solution for your residential and commercial property. 


In fact, 90% of blast injuries are caused by shattered glass, not the blast itself. Armorcoat® can protect a building’s inhabitants from such unpredictable circumstances. Explore the benefits of security window film for your Vancouver area home on this page. Or, contact us now to get started on installing yours today.

Protection against criminals and theft.
Reflective security film can give daytime privacy from prying eyes.
They are an affordable alternative investment.
Resistance to mother nature from storm, water, etc.
Protection against flying glass from an explosion.
Helps with solar control, reducing energy bills.
Increased skin protection against harmful UV rays.
Helps in controlling glare with increased visibility.
Prevents fading of upholstery, floors & furnishings.
They are customizable to suit your preferences.
Optically clear with 99% UV protection

How Does Window Film Help?

It is unpredictable to know when you are faced with a break-in at your home or office. However, with security window film, you are at an advantage to make the intruder's plan more difficult as security window films add an extra layer between you and the outside world.


Moreover, security window films can also prevent overgrown tree limbs as well as flying debris from crashing through your windows. With it, you can also protect your children from flying glass in cases of accidental window breaks, among others. It is always better to take safety precautions beforehand to protect your family and businesses in Vancouver.

For us, your security and safety are our priority. You can experience the following benefits of security window films:

Why Should You Consider Security Window Films?

You must be aware of your glass windows or doors' fragile nature when exposed to pressure. Security window films can hold the glass pieces together until they are replaced. Apart from that, the window films come in a variety of thicknesses and tints for a more customizable experience.

You can even use reflective films on your windows or doors to add some visible protection as tinted and reflective security window films provide a more controlled view from the outside. We can understand that you already have a lot on your plate to worry about with hectic work schedules. You would not want to add a broken window to your stress list.

Our expertise can help you secure your windows and keep your family and business as safe as possible!

How do Window Films Work?

Trusted by Government

If you are getting confused about how your security window films help protect your windows, there is no rocket science behind it. They come with multiple layers when they are manufactured. Your security window films are made of top-grade polyester, proprietary transparent adhesive and a scratch-resistant coating to provide overall protection.


Your security window films can be retrofitted to your existing windows. Once they are installed, they are permanent, unobstructed as well as undetectable. You can use them for residential, commercial & recreational property.

Your security window film's thickness can vary from 2 to 14mm, depending on your requirements. It offers you peace of mind at an affordable price. Whether you are installing it for burglary, accidents or weather conditions, we can help you.

Solar Gard® security window film products have been trusted by the United States government to help protect:

The Capitol Building that houses the nation’s Congress

The Department of Energy in Washington, D.C.


In addition to being trusted to protect government employees in major government buildings, this product is also trusted by the National Geographic Society Campus in Washington, D.C. and the Royal Albert Hall in London, England.

While glass remains breakable even with the addition of security film, giving intruders a more difficult time breaking glass slows them down and forces them to make noise. Pairing your security film with a glass break detector adds another layer of security.

Solar Gard® security window film has been rigorously tested by the General Services Administration (GSA) blast testing standards, and its results are published in detail for public perusal. For more clarity, answers to popular questions about security window film are also answered on our FAQ page.

Trusted to Protect Our Children

It is an unfortunate reality that many schools today face potential danger from armed intruders, terrorism, and more. To protect our next generation, many schools have chosen to install Solar Gard Armorcoat® security window film for added protection. Security window film can delay intruders and buy critical time for survival, as well as protect against injuries caused by broken glass and improve energy efficiency in schools.

Please note that Solar Gard® security window film must be installed by a professional for maximum effectiveness and, while a valuable extra layer of protection, is not bullet-proof or blast-proof.

Trusted to Protection

What with major institutions installing security window film, Vancouver residents like yourself may find window protection designed for terrorist attacks overkill. However, do remember that we live in a major earthquake zone. And even if the Big One doesn’t happen for a long time, you still want to protect your loved ones, major investments, and precious belongings from being stolen or harmed.

Windows can pose a risk during a storm or an accident. It is important to get the right security window film installed by a trusted window protection company such as Newco Solar Solutions. Some of the advantages of installing it include:

• Combats solar heat gain to keep the building safe from harmful sunrays
• Reflective security film changes appearance and gives daytime privacy

Maximize your safety and protect your household. Contact us today to learn more about installing security window film in Vancouver. Or, ask us about fulfilling your other residential window film needs, such as:

Other Benefits of Security Window Film

Sun control window film products

Decorative window film products

Window film products for vehicles

Are you interested in commercial security window film? We’ve got you covered on that front too!


Security Window Film Experts in Vancouver

Are you concerned about unwanted break-ins, strong winds & more?

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