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Solar Gard’s Armorcoat safety and security window film provides protection against break-ins and is the best defense from the dangers of broken glass.

Armorcoat security films help hold glass in place upon impact from intruders, as well as from storms and earthquakes – providing you with 24-hour window protection, reducing your personal injury from flying glass.

Armorcoat is ideal for your business and is available in clear or tinted films. In addition, all security films also provide you with 99% UV rejection.

The material consists of an optical quality polyester, highly-rated UV inhibitor, special laminating and mounting adhesives complete with a scratch-resistant coating. Those mounting adhesives are specially designed to hold the glass firmly in its place in the event of natural disasters, explosions or other unexpected incidents that would typically cause breakage.

What’s more, Solar Gard Armorcoat also blocks 99% of the sun’s harmful UV rays from penetrating your windows. In doing so, your windows and interior furnishings will be protected from premature fading. You can also rest assured knowing that all Solar Gard Armorcoat safety window films include a strong manufacturer’s warranty.

Armorcoat security film can help to protect:

  Residential buildings
  Commercial buildings
  Retail stores
  Care facilities
  School and daycare centres
  Hospitals, clinics and institutions
  Restaurants, pubs and clubs
  Cottages and cabins
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