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All shades are meant to block some amount of sunlight filtering in through your windows. Room-darkening shades and blackout blinds from Vancouver’s Newco Solar Solutions are specifically designed to provide maximum light blockage. These shades are great for night workers’ bedrooms, baby nurseries, home theater rooms, classrooms, and anywhere else you need to control the total light streaming into your home.

Benefits of Room-Darkening Shades 

Room-darkening shades help you save energy costs as they block ultraviolet rays and sunlight from entering the room. You can keep the indoor temperature of your home or office lower with blackout blinds. Some other benefits of room darkening shades are:

Getting a better night’s sleep – As their name suggests, room-darkening shades keep a room dark making it an ideal place to sleep. Room-darkening shades are great for bedrooms that face the rising sun.

Reducing glare on your televisions – Light streaming in from your window can put a glare on your television. Even with traditional window treatments, the light may be strong enough to seep through. Room-darkening shades guarantees to keep the light out so you can get back to enjoy your movie or show.

Keeping your furniture from fading – Over time, sunlight can cause your upholstery, rugs, and carpets to fade. Blocking out the sun during certain times of the day when the light would normally be at its strongest can help reduce the chances of your interior fading.

Maintaining consistent room temperatures – Lastly, room-darkening shades also block out the heat. This allows you to maintain a more consistent temperature inside and therefore boost your home’s overall energy efficiency.

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Newco Solar Solutions also offer window shades, skylight coverings and wall graphics. Count on us to modify the interiors and exteriors of your house or office with effective solar control solutions.  Interested in learning more about the benefits of room-darkening shades? Contact us today for blackout blinds in Vancouver abd surrounding areas.

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