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From Newco Solar Solutions come Solar Gard® residential window films. Save money with energy efficient window film, provide extra home protection with safety and security film and give your windows those interesting touches to reflect your home's unique personality. 

Explore for yourself the advantages of Newco’s Solar Gard product line on this website, or call our office with any questions you may have.

Professionally Installed Window Films for Vancouver and Lower Mainland Homes

Newco Solar Solutions offers professional installation services for a range of window films, including:

Sun Control Film — Solar Gard window films deflect 79% of solar energy, which means your south-facing rooms will be more comfortable during the summer months and you will save on cooling costs!

Safety and Security Film — Can Solar Gard’s Armorcoat® films really stop intruders? You bet. Even when glass is broken, Armorcoat® adds another layer of protection in situations such as severe storm damage, earthquake-related glass shards, bomb blasts, and break-in attempts.

Decorative Films — Give your home the privacy and look you’re after with decorative films. For windows and glass doors, decorative film can emulate frosted glass and a number of attractive designs.

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