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Updated: Jun 3, 2023

Window Covering

Shopping for window coverings is not an easy task as there are innumerable choices available. Vertical blinds, roller shades, roman shades and horizontal blinds, the list just goes on. At Newco Solar Solutions, we offer interior shades, exterior shades, room-darkening shades, sun control film, decorative films and tension shades.

Strike a balance between style and protection with our solar control window treatments. Here are top 10 tips to help you select the perfect window coverings: 1. Make sure the window covering blends with the colour palette of the room and compliments its accessories. Try to avoid dramatic colours and patterns as it can hamper the theme and style of the room. 2. Neutral colours such as white, off-white, shades of beige and grey help add a distinct value to the colour theme of any room plus give better heat rejection. 3. Dark, intense colours create an illusion of less space. Contrary to that, lighter shades tend to create an impression of more space. 4. Horizontal lines will make your eyes scan the entire room. Vertical lines, on the other hand, appear more formal. Uninterrupted long lines and low contrast makes a room look bigger than it is. Avoid patterns and lines as they have a negative impact on the décor. 5. Opt for window coverings that complement the vibe of the space that you want to create. 6. Choose automation when it comes to window coverings. Motor controlled window coverings are easy to use. 7. The type of window coverings you should get depends on the temperature of the room you’re getting it for. Certain places of your house, such as bathrooms and kitchen, tend to be highly humid. Solar shades can be a good option for such places as they are easy to clean. 8. Window treatments should not restrict you from opening and cleaning your windows. 9. Window coverings made of heavy material help block out light from your bedroom. 10. Use solar shades to regulate light entering your home. Perforated vinyl is used to make these shades which allow a limited amount of light to pass through. At Newco Solar Solutions, we offer window shades, window films and skylight coverings. Contact us for reliable solar control window treatments!


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