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Newco lock-down shades are designed to provide a quick and easy way to obscure the visibility through classroom door windows in the event of a “code red” emergency. When an emergency occurs, putting the safety and security of students and staff at risk, these blinds can be deployed in seconds without hassle.

The shades are constructed using a durable, commercial grade, allergen free, flame retardant and black out vinyl. Because each classroom is different, your shades will be custom made for an exact fit, and will be mounted securely to the interior side of the door using stainless steel screws. The weighted aluminum hem bar allows for an immediate free fall of the fabric once the red Velcro strap is pulled. When not in use, the lock-down shade can be neatly rolled up and secured using the Velcro. There are no mechanical or loose parts associated with the shades, allowing them to be safely used around students of all ages.

The team at Newco would like to see lock-down shades installed in every classroom throughout Canada as part of the schools emergency preparedness, training and planning program. Let’s work together to make our schools safer and give teachers more time to protect our students and themselves. Contact us today to learn more.

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