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Choose Roller Blinds in Coquitlam & Surrounding Areas to Enjoy Natural Light Without Glare

Many of us love welcoming the sun into our homes and letting it bring warmth and brightness into any room. Did you know that homes located in areas of abundant natural light have lower hydro bills? That’s because houses like these can rely on the sun for lighting and turn their lights off more often. However, there are drawbacks to saving electricity this way; for example, sunlight can cause faded upholstery and irritating glares on your screens.

Fortunately, there’s a way around this! With help from Newco Solar Solutions and our wide selection of roller blinds in Coquitlam and surrounding areas you can protect your furniture from the harmful side effects of natural light. Besides, not only can roller shades provide your Vancouver and surrounding areas home with protection, they can add a stylish, modern look to any space. Give your home that extra sprinkle of personality. Ready to see what Newco Solar Solutions can do for you? Contact us today to learn more about our products and services.

Optimizing the Amount of Sunlight Coming Into Your Home

They say that sunlight is the best disinfectant. Adequate exposure to sunlight can sanitize your home naturally. However, apart from the fading effect of sunlight on upholstery and furnishings, too much exposure to sunlight can also cause skin problems such as irritation, sunburn and tanning. Sunlight may feel comforting and warm in the months of fall and winter.

Getting an abundant flux of sunlight can help you save up on your heating bill. But when temperatures soar in summers, sunlight can also make you extremely uncomfortable. Too much sunlight can increase your electricity bills due to air conditioning. It is important to create a systematic mechanism for optimizing and controlling the surge of sunlight entering your home.

What Kind of Blinds Are in Style for 2022 and Beyond?

Looking for elegant window blinds? We present the top five window shades that are highly in demand due to their colours, texture, ease to use, and visually appealing aesthetics. Now, you can personalize any space in your house or workplace with these stylish blinds.

Modern roller shades
Modernize your home or office with roller shades. They are one of the most affordable and sophisticated solutions for windows. You get the right amount of natural light in your room with sheer fabric. The best thing about roller shades is that they complement different interior designs of houses.
Blackout blinds
Block the intense sunlight from entering your space with the help of blackout blinds. These blinds are best suited for people who enjoy privacy and sleep in the complete dark. These blinds are available in different colours, fabrics, and patterns.
Zebra blinds
These are popular due to their style and light control features. Its fascinating design is enough to draw attention to your windows. If you want to make some bold statements for your space, use zebra blinds, available in different fabrics and colours.
Roman blinds
Give your windows an effect of layers for a refined look with roman blinds. These premium and luxurious blinds elevate the overall appearance of your space. They are available in a massive range to complement your unique home styles.
Automated blinds
Make your home or workplace smart and futuristic with automated blinds. These blinds have multiple functions and come with a remote that lets you arrange the blinds in your desired way. You can control your blinds without doing manual work with one touch.

Key Features of Roller Blinds

Check out the amazing features of roller blinds to make the right buying decision.



Roller blinds are your one-stop solution if you are looking for a versatile, clean look and subtle design. These blinds go well with contemporary, minimalistic, or industrial interior designs and give a luxurious and elegant appearance to your space.



Roller blinds are easy to maintain and install. For busy people who can’t spare time for deep cleaning, they are the best choice. You just need to dust them occasionally.


  Light control and Privacy

With these, you can easily control the intensity of natural light and enjoy privacy. You get better control of light in roller blinds when compared to other window shades. Whether you want low light or complete blackout, they can be adjusted according to your needs.



Roller blinds are quite durable due to their UV-resistant feature. This feature saves them from wear and tear. Also, it prevents fading of blinds from strong sunlight. Its life span is approximately 6-8 years.

Heavy-Duty and Resistant Roller Blind in Vancouver & Surrounding Areas

We are committed to providing our customers with customized solar-control products that can substantially help in reducing the heat and light entering your residential and commercial premises. All our products are manufactured from high-quality materials. Our roller blinds in Coquitlam and surrounding areas  are durable, sturdy, and hard-wearing. We assure you of the highest standard of quality and efficiency with all our products and installation services. Call our team today for more information on our products.

Customized Blinds for Your Home

Newco Solar Solutions understands your desire to let warm sunlight streaming through your windows. That's why we manufacture Newco roller shades right here in Port Coquitlam. Our shades use top-quality North American-made fabrics and hardware so you know they'll last.


Customize your Newco roller shades so they match your style and preferences. We offer the following options:

  Interior or exterior
  Manual, motorized, or tension controls
  Automated controls compatible with Alexa, Control 4 and Google Play
  Fabric or Mylar
  Personalized, printable design

Ecofriendly Phifer SheerWeave®

We manufacture our shades using Phifer material.  A global leader in innovative window treatments. Their SheerWeave® line features numerous styles and fabrics, so you're sure to find a selection you like.

SheerWeave® fabrics keep the sun glare out without blocking your view. Use them to regulate your home's solar heat gain and live in comfort year-round. These carefully engineered, lead-free fabrics also integrate advanced features, such as:

Dow® Ecolibrium™  bio-based plasticizers

Microban® antimicrobial protection

GREENGUARD certification, which indicates ecofriendly manufacturing

Noise reduction

Flame retardants

Trackless technology

SheerWeave Logo
GreenGuard Gold

6 Benefits of Adding Roller Shades

Are you looking for an easy way to update and refresh the look of your home, while also controlling sunlight? If so, roller blinds may be an option for you. Here are a few reasons from your friends at Newco Solar Solutions about why you should choose roller shades for your Vancouver or Surrey home:

Protection: One of the main reasons to add roller shades to your home is for protection from sunlight. Roller shades are extremely practical and are easy to use and set up. During the hot months of summer, roller shades will make it easier to keep rooms at more comfortable temperatures and help protect furniture and other belongings from being impacted by the sun.

View: Did you buy your home because of its beautiful view? Unlike some blinds, roller shades provide an uninhibited view of the outside when they’re down.

Versatile: Roller shades can be made to accommodate almost any situation and area of your home. Even in rooms like the bathroom or kitchen, where moisture can be a factor, roller shades are up to the task.

Ease of installation: You can install your blinds in just a few minutes with the help of a professional. They install the brackets, blinds, and the remaining components of the blinds. Installation of blinds is so easy that you can install the blind yourself quickly.

Pocket-friendly: Among the wide range of window shades, roller blinds are quite affordable. They give you beautiful and sleek windows that complement your home style.

Flexibility: With roller blinds, you get complete control of light and privacy. According to the season, you can adjust your blinds and enjoy your cozy space in solitude. You can also blackout your room with roller blinds and get better sleep in the complete dark.

Give your home the benefit of natural light without the negative impacts. Choose roller shades in Vancouver. Come to Newco Solar Solutions to examine our products, or call for more information.

What Type of Blinds Last the Long?

Are you looking for sturdy window shades that last long? The life of window blinds depends on several factors like quality of material, maintenance, installation, and weather condition. Proper care and cleaning not only increase the blinds' lifespan but also retain the beautiful appearance and style.

Wood blinds are highly recommended due to their resistance to chipping, discoloration, and warping. They are rugged, attractive, and give a timeliness effect to your place. Other than wood blinds, roman blinds, roller shades, and cordless shades are also recommended for durability.

Affordable Blinds in Vancouver & Surrounding Areas

The average cost of these blinds ranges from $50 to $150. At Newco Solar Solutions, you get affordable, trendy, high-quality roller blinds in Coquitlam and surrounding areas. Get in touch with us to explore more products like window films, wall graphics, and many more.



Newco Solar Solutions has exclusive roller blinds in different patterns, fabrics, colours and styles.

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