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Window Tint in Coquitlam & Vancouver

Window Films
Newco Solar Solutions is Western Canada’s exclusive dealer and installer of Solar Gard® Window Film throughout British Columbia. We have the window tint Vancouver relies on for UV protection, energy savings and more.

Window Tints & Films in Vancouver & Coquitlam
An amazing product with extraordinary benefits, Solar Gard is an industry leader that develops, manufactures and distributes window film. This company is, in fact, an industry leader in architectural and automotive applications. Solar Gard window film can:

  • Lower energy bills
  • Provide fade protection
  • Protect from UV rays
  • Offer solar control
  • Provide heat rejection

Since 1975, Newco Solar Solutions has provided best-in-class quality solar control products and services. Call us at 604-941-3111 to see what Newco can do for your home or business regarding residential film, commercial film and automotive film. Or take a look at our frequently asked questions regarding window films!

Need window tinting in Coquitlam or window film in Vancouver? Go with the company that has been serving the region for over 40 years — call Newco Solar Solutions!
Before & After - Window Films
Energy-Consumption Comparison
Average annual energy consumption to cool home without window film
2655 kWh
Average annual energy consumption to cool home with Solar Gard window film.
1400 kWh
Average annual reduction in energy consumption
1255 kWh
Average annual reduction percentage
Data based on a 2,000 – 2,500 sq. Ft home. Projected results vary depending on climate, geography, home construction, thermostat setting and type of window film installed.